Clutch Problem, I think.

IN the past I could alway pull in my clutch and roll the bike around in gear. It would seam that I can't do this any more with out butting my back into it.

I have tryed ajusting it at the clutch purch but with no luck. Does this mean I need a new clutch or pressure plates ?

I should add that it's a WR450 ,03 with only 2000 KM and I am not a heavy clutch user and I don't race. :thumbsup:

mmmm< is it dragging when you ride it, ie does the bike pull when you are in gear with clutch lever pulled in? It may be the springs are getting a bit weaker? I belive you can get uprated springs and or collars for the WR. Not 100% sure though?

At 2k km it may be on its way out, depending on what terrain you ride on and how much use it gets?

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