Need to find the loudest PIPE!

However, as a 4-stroke rider, I myself cannot stand it when some clown comes up on his 2 stroke with no packing, and whacks the throttle. Same with those 4 stroke guys that have to rev their bike to make themselves sound cool.

What's this boneheads name? enduro something? Oh yeah, dog. Well no wonder why you want a loud pipe. So everyone in FRONT of you can hear you!

Where do you morons come up with this stuff?????

Loud pipes aren't an issue????

Even the AMA is currently working on some sort of solution to the loud four stroke problem because of complaints at tracks EVERYWHERE! And by people who are starting to be heard about their complaints. Of course, we as racers like the loud sound, me included, but all it's doing is putting the wrong idea in people's heads. Unfortunately, those "people" are the ones that usually have the power to stop us at what we love to do.

So...aaaah...enduropuppy, do a little homework BEFORE you start annoying the wrong people...people who no matter what you say or do, you WILL NOT convince them that your loud bike sounds cool. :devil:

Don't worry though...some day when you grow up you'll understand the importance of the phrase.."loud pipes lose rights."

Here is another site about sound issues, very simple. This is were 'we tree huging hippys' come up with this sound issue. please read this, it is a local trail/track riding area called crooked creek, im sure some people has been here.

Right there- proof that YES! SOUND DOES MATTER! can you say, duh? :thumbsup::awww: amen brother

Here is were we come up with this please read this, it is a local trail/track riding area called crooked creek, im sure some people has been here.

Right there- proof that YES! SOUND DOES MATTER! can you say, duh?

Duhhh is right. Let me try this again slowly

<font color="orange"> Proof of closure due to sound

This isn't it, it's asking you to be under 99db.

Com'on people it's an easy question, don't stretch it to mean anything different. The statement that I challenged was

childish lust for volume is closing riding areas.

"I ride in a local sand pit. Being in NJ its illegal to ride there. If I take my YZ450 there I always get booted out by the cops. If I take my quieter WR450 no one bothers me."


Thanks beezer!

At least SOMEONE on this thread gets the message! It doesn't seem like intelligence is running rampant around here, since most of these guys live in areas where your closest neighbor is 5 miles away, and you don't see a cop go past your house for at least two days.

Yeah fool, I'll call all the names I want! I've been to the council meetings, I've written the letters, etc. etc.

While you were out getting your "A" license, I was fighting for YOUR rights!

And the term "loud pipes save lives" is even funnier! You all ride streetbikes? Ever see what happens when a "loud pipe" bike surprises some bluehair on her way to the grocery store? PANICK every time. I've seen bikes cut off because the cager didn't know where the sound was coming from, panicked, and decided to pull to the right at the last minute, taking out the biker. Yeah, sure saved HIS life!

JEEEZ...what's it going to take to make you people understand that other than us who love our loud bikes, NO ONE ELSE likes it! That's what we're dealing with here. Maybe not in YOUR state with more open spaces, but in mine and many many others. This is much more than an issue for us, it's getting to be a crisis.

Say what you will, deny what you want, eventually we WILL lose more and more riding areas to noise related problems with locals that just don't like us.

And of course with attitudes like some around here, the big question will then be "Gee, what happened?

The less possible noise you make, the less you'll be noticed by the ones who don't like you. Yes, the ones that always seem to have enough time and money to make sure you know they don't like you. Those J.O.'s go out of their way to make life miserable for us as it is, why give them more ammunition?

Maybe someday you'll all understand.

..and do your homework son. All those BS links aren't even close to the real reason we lose places to ride. Noise is ALWAYS the first issue, then it always turns to a property damage issue. One good bad argument. These people only need the one to stick it to us.

Hey, on the plus side if you're desert racing by all means get the loudest you can find. But in more restricted areas, you better keep it as quiet as possible or the inevitable will happen.

I rest my case your honor.

Randy you are a complete idiot!!!! You like to state my position without asking. I have been to meetings, written letters, belong to orgs also. What makes you think I haven't? Your so stupid you can't even read that I do think loud bikes are an issue, just not the main one and they are not closing areas.

Hey if you want to be so ignorant of the real issues facing our sport you just keep believing that noise is closing areas, even though you have "0" proof of it. I guess your so smart you have it all figured out.

Randy it's morons like you that are losing the battle with the enviro's because you do have it all figured out, but what you have figured out isn't what is real.

Randy wake up, grow up, and get a clue!!!

Now with that said do you care to debate the issue or go on with your name calling. I will guess the name calling because you have no proof of your argument. Prove me wrong and argue in an intelligent manner and provide proof of your position.

Why is everyone complaining about loud bikes.. I understand that it can cause problems in certain areas and tracks, but what about all these guys in their 1992 Acura's with the fartcan exhaust tearing up and down the streets at midnight half wasted bumping there rap music shaking everyones windows (nothing wrong with rap music by the way) at least we are out in the dirt away from the main streets in town. I'm new here, and I'm just stating my oppinion, not trying to start anything. You ride, I ride, everybody just try to have fun and do a little riding without pissing people off. :thumbsup:

well the local ORV area that i ride at from time to time will be closed for good this Labor Day.The park rangers are talking about some wild plant is endangered or some b.s.Its all a bunch of hocus pocus.Atv s have to be registered and insured to ride here along with spark arresters.So much for noise here.Its just unfortunate that people that dont understand our sport look down on us regardless of how quiet our bike is.Sure noise is more of a issue in residential areas but a secluded track out in the boonies?the feds are just looking for reasons to gripe if you ask me.and for the tree huggers out there this land should be here for all of us to enjoy,this b.s about reduced habitat for some wild flower or tree has got to many times has an area been cleared for "developement?" i wouldnt think a dunlop 756 is responsible for cutting down thousands of trees.i wish us fellow off roaders could be left alone to enjoy our sport,people that dont ride will never understand.i wont even talk about so called"air pollution" from dirt bikes,gimme a break :thumbsup:

Noise levels and the loss of recreational areas are a known connection. A large part of the rationale for restricting snowmobile access in Yellowstone was the noise issue, and their noise levels were far below those of most competition dirt bikes. Also may lakes and water areas have been closed to PWC simply because of noise.

While it may be difficult to simply google up a case where closure has occurred, it's not debatable that noise puts tremendous pressure on tracks, and makes keeping trails open to motorcycles more difficult.

Two weeks ago my son and I went up to a track about 4 hours away from us. It was a really nice facility, Hannegan Raceway in Bellingham. In talking with the club members who were prepping the track the night before the event, several mentioned that the track may only have one more season after this, and that the main reason was that the 'neighbors' were complaining more and more about the noise. Nearly every one of them blamed it on the move to four stroke motorcycles, and the extra distance that the sound waves of these traveled as compared to the two strokes that used to dominate the classes.


sure sounds like some proof right there. Here's people chiming in already with their own PROOF as in P..R..O..O..F that places are closing left and right because of noise, AND land damage issues.

Open any issue of AMA magazine and you're bound to see it in print at least once every month.

And yes, being an avid sport tourer too, I'm alway annoyed that these "V-Twin" type bikes are running around with open pipes too. Even though every town has some sort of noise ordinance, it's like it doesn't apply to them.

And the other guy was correct too. This new generation of tuner wannabes with their 4" exhaust on a 1600cc car engine. Hey, now THAT'S a real power increase! They're too stupid to even realize just how MUCH power they're losing.

Being in the car audio business myself, I do feel the whole loud stereo issue is over rated some. If the vehicle is parked and the stereo is full blast, yes annoying to say the least. But in a moving vehicle the sound dissipates quickly. Unlike V-twin bikes whose exhaust drone can be heard sometimes for miles. Most sportbikes (Jap) don't have this problem, just like two-stroke dirtbikes. Their exhaust note is at a much higher frequency than a four stroke motor or a V-twin motor. The lower the frequency, the longer the soundwave. Hence, the the noise complaints.

Anyway, now that I've had my fun you all can go about saying how wrong I am on this subject, and keep living in your own ignorant little world.

i dont like loud pipes either, but when i ride at an MX track i run a 14" ti-4, as open as possible. when i ride trails i run my 17" with a quiet core in it, but even then i dont think im close to 96db. but i try.

i dont think its possible to get closed-course response and power from an quiet pipe.

I am on this subject, and keep living in your own ignorant little world.

Randy I see who is living in thier own little ignorant world. By the way fighting all the sound issues, hows that working out for you in Jersey on keeping your riding areas open?? You have lots of places to ride? Wait I know the answer all ready.

The sound issue has been fought for over 30 years now. Everyone has heard of the slogan of "Less sound= More ground" well thats been around for that long. This battle of sound has saved nothing in that 30 years. It's a small part of the puzzle and thats it.

If you believe sound is the issue keep fighting that battle and see what it saves us. You can provide no proof that it closes down areas. Meanwhile the greenies will keep using the Endangered Species Act and enviromental impact complaints to close area after area.

If they can't hear me they don't know I'm there.


Edog I know where you stand on the sound issue(I respect your efforts), I agree with you to a point. And the point is simple

SOUND IS ONE OF MANY ISSUES we face as a community. It pisses me off to know end to see the freaking squabbling in our own group about such mundane crap as sound and which is the # 1 issue.

Crap or get off the freaking pot, We are getting our butts kicked by the greens while you people bicker about some asinine issue about whats the #1 issue.


Geez people freaking get a clue educate yourself on the Issues we face Globally as a Community. Sound is the # 1 issue for John Q Uneducated Public, It is one of the big issues the GREENS use as a TACTIC to get the attention of said John Q UNEDUCATED public. Issues of Erosion, Sedimentation, Clean Forrest Access for the privileged and simply just radical NUMB NUTS that are killing us and as I said, you stand here and fight among yourselves :thumbsup::D:lol::D :D :devil:

The BRC no matter if you agree with them or not is the ONLY Orginization fighting our fight in Washington, AMA plain and simple sucks and is not looking out for our (Dirt Bikes) best interets. ARRA sucks as well, supporting legislation that will put a father in jail if he is on the wrong side of a fence :awww:

The BRC good or Bad is fighting the fight

As far as the Nim Rod who wants the loudest pipe :lol: Troll

I second the Dr.D vote! All my buddies complain on how loud it is. I just tell them to stay out front! It's not so loud there :awww::thumbsup::devil:

SOUND IS ONE OF MANY ISSUES we face as a community

Very true

Sound is the # 1 issue for John Q Uneducated Public,

John you know I disagree with you on this, but will say that is more correct than saying it's the #1 issue. Now what do we do to change that. I see 2 options. 1 being we get quiter but in the end we will still be making noise and still p^**&*^ off John Q. no matter how quite you get he will still hear you. Or we could educate them on multi use issues.

you stand here and fight among yourselves

These issues need to be discussed and debated until we come to a common ground. Unless you just want to accept my view of the world then all would be fine.

I will say it's very ironic that someone would come on here and say stop fighting but then fight saying sound is the #1 issue. Either fight or don't, but if you chose to fight it's not right to say don't fight.

The BRC is not the only group fighting this fight. The AMA is active in Washington as well is many others I know of. COHVCO, Colorado 500 Legal Defense, Utah groups fighting the roadless issues. The BRC takes a huge leadership role but lets not discount the other groups.

The bottom line remains that sound does not close areas. There is no proof of this, hearsay isn't proof. But sound is an issue. Put it in it's proper place.

note that John is active in the land use forum. Some that argue hard here, i.e. Randy are not but then he tells people to do there homework. Randy your homework should start there if you want a real view of this issue. People these are the things we face as a group and not many people look there at the real issues facing all of us.

This is like arguing with the flat earth society. Check out the following article I found with a two second Google.

Noise Closure

To me the larger point is a simple matter of risk and benefit. For anybody not riding exclusively closed course competition, is it really worth it to annoy many people within earshot (a matter of miles) including fellow riders, just because you want a loud bike? To argue that loud bikes do not have an adverse effect on the image of dirt bikers in general is just plain silly, and it's incredibly selfish to indulge yourself at the expense of your fellow riders.

We can all agree that dirt bikers face serious challenges from people who would like to see all dirt bikes go away. Why would you want to give them such powerful ammo when there is simply no reason, in today's world of extremely high-performance but quiet bikes, to do so? Whinning about open-pipe Harleys and glass-packed Mustangs will not help us. Is it fair? Of course not, but that doesn't change the fact that A) our riding around with loud pipes thumbing our noses at those who would object, gives the land closure fans a powerful weapon to use against us--even if it's just to further the perception that dirt bikers are thoughtless, irresponsible hooligans--and :thumbsup: there is no valid reason for us not to use quiet pipes.

It's easy; ride loud and help the greens or ride quiet and help us dirt bikers.

Hey, if JL and I can agree on something so wholeheartedly, there must be something to it!

Think about it.

I think OldenPhatt sumed up the whole chatter. BAM! theres proof that SOME locations are having noise problems. I dont think theres nothing more to argue about. I like OldenPhatts last fraise. :thumbsup:

This is like arguing with the flat earth society.

Boy do I know what you feel (for example see the next part of my message)

out the following article I found with a two second Google.

Noise Closure

This isn't a closure!! Whats closed? Nothing, it's 1/2 the issue being argued, does it mean something will close, nope. (See arguing with the the flat earth society)

For anybody not riding exclusively closed course competition, is it really worth it to annoy many people within earshot

And here is where the argument comes in. What will annoy people? What is the limit we should set? This is very complicated argument that was covered in the Land use forum and I won't touch on here. Suffice it to say I'm for controls on noise but I also understand what we will give and what we will get with those noise restrictions.

A) our riding around with loud pipes thumbing our noses at those who would object

Does your "quite" bike offend people? Oh hell ya it does. Whats the difference in % of people offend by your 96 DB bike to a 99 DB bike to a 110 DB bike ect??????

there is no valid reason for us not to use quiet pipes

There are several, power being a big one. A statement like the above one makes me assume you think everyone rides the same as you. There those that play in the sand dunes and do hill climbs where power is king. I just can't bring myself to shoe horn everyone into "because it's good enough for me it's good enough for them".

Oldenphatt you make some excellent points with a well written, debated post, I just don't agree though. Thanks for joining the debate :thumbsup:

BAM! theres proof that SOME locations are having noise problems.

BAMMMM is right, no one asked about noise problems did they? BAM!!!!

I asked about noise closures

I asked about noise closures

I asked about noise closures

Hopefully this makes that very difficult question clear.

Tell ya what if the article refered to says some area was closed because of sound I will sign over my 03 WR450 to you and drive it anywhere you want it delievered. BAM

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