Need to find the loudest PIPE!

But it's not loud pipes that are costing us riding areas, it's endangered species acts, errosion, liablity issues. Get it?

Oh Rex, still at it, eh? I would say that noise is very much a primary factor and that the other things you cite are simply the mechanisms that those who don't like the sound of loud motorcycles use to get their way against us. If noise is such a secondary issue, why has the AMA made it such a focus this year in SX/MX racing? That is the only way to force aftermarket manufacturers to consider it in the design of their exhaust products. Is sound the only thing that gets lands closed? Of course not, but it is a component of almost every argument and discussion of a land use or closure debate. A major component. Citing one of your examples, the threatened closure of Pismo State Beach was supported primarily by residents who dislike the noise and traffic of off-road users. When they couldn't prevail on that argument they turned to tenuous claims of habitat destruction and pinned their hopes on the Snowy Plover. I dare say many of those opposed to ORV use at Pismo don't even know what a Snowy Plover is or could identify one if they did. Their main goal is to eliminate the noise and usage from their backyards (mistakenly thinking it affects their property values). The local businesses, on the other hand, would like the residents to shut the hell up. The same strategy is being used in the Imperial Dunes except the rallying cry there is for the Pierson's Milk Vetch, a weed with no distinguishing traits, characteristics, or significant place in the food chain. Noise is a legitimate reason, everything else are just convenient excuses.

Here is some real life proof: My neighbor who is pretty resonable has a good amount of land behind his house. His house is on a slight uphill and the woods are downward. Last year I politely asked him if I could use his property (the woods) to ride on and he was fine with it (this was back in my Yamaha rt100 days). I've moved through 2stroke bikes since the rt100 and now have the yz250f. As soon as I got the yzf (which has a stock pipe), and went through the trails. He came down and was amazed at all the racket. He admitted that this bike is WICKED loud compared to the previous 2strokes I've owned. He really didn't want me riding in those woods anymore do to the disturbance and I can't blame him really. So that is real life done and dirty PROOF of how sound has affected a riding area to be eliminated.... a riding area in my backyard litterally.

I have just read about 8 of the first pages of this post, Does any one realize this has been argued since 8-18-04!!! :)

Just think for a moment, if any of the people that spent the most time posting on this dead subject would have instead spent the time fighting to expand our riding areas(letters meetings etc), we would be riding in freakin Yosemite by now!

Im not trying to be a jerk or anything but c'mon were all here because we have something in common. Dont fight each other... fight together! :) (Woa, did that souded really cliche?!)

Endurodog...I suggest you take your head out of your a$$. You can't be serious.

Land Closure....

It's not an either or situation, it's an all of the above. Each anecdotal argument for land closure taken as a whole proves that ALL of you are right.

Loud pipes in non-closed riding areas, apart from MotoX, is a great catalyst for getting uninterested public opinion to turn into a vigalante enviromentalist outcry for CLOSURE.

Quiet bikes are the best ambassador for keeping a low profile and with this low profile, our riding lands remain open.

To get on topic. I'm looking to put a Q and powerbomb header on my 03 YZ450....who has the cheapest price?

How about you just put your ear closer to the end pipe and I'll send you some first place trophies to make you feel good.

i love canada. no noise restrictions, even if there was the best riding spots are way up in the mountains any ways. even the local mx track is way up in the bushes.

If a four stroke fires up in the forest............does anybody hear it?

Someone is always goin' to bitch. You can only try and co-exist. Politicians will only try to appease the masses if things get that far.

wow, I was bored so I read this forum. It seems everyones trying to explain their fix all equation for noise. These noise problems should be dealt with on a track to track or trail to trail basis. If a track is started next to a mall people are going to complain, but the track off in the boonies really doesn't matter. I live on a ranch in montana my nearest neighbor is 15 miles away, and they ride too. No one hears me. Why can't I be as loud as I want? I'm just saying before judgements are made, the riding area should be thouroughly defined. By the way, anyone take their spark arrestor(not baffle) out of there wr. Need more power and noise for hillclimbing. (it scares the gumbo). You should see the cactus move when it hears me comin too lol. :naughty:

Whats the average people in california per square mile.

Of course people are going to complain. Its like a zoo. Loud pipes don't necessarily close riding. Its the people who pi$$ of the man with the power. Enduro dog is from colorado. How does everyone here know that he rides through the middle of denver. Maybe he has remote place to ride.

I understand where edog's coming from; I would be mad if someone told me I needed to have a "quiet bike" cause it closes riding areas. IT DOESN't where I'm at. Save riding through parks. You cali and other populated guys should group together to save your riding areas in the ever populating and growing suburbia, and not complain to others.

If you want to ride loud move to Wyoming Montana, s and n dakota. The cops even straight pipe their impalas up hyaw. lol.

ps it seems easier to close tracks than kick 80 yearold guys on harleys off the road.

noise noise noise.........again! :naughty:

This tread is alive again woo hooo :naughty:

just what we need,another riding area closed..

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