'05 fork guards

Has anyone scoped out the '05 yzf fork guards to see if they will mount up to 03-04? I want to go cr routing for the brake line but, don't want to pay the extra cost for the little mounting clip to keep the cable from wearing. I saw the clip on Dubach Racing and they wanted $40 :thumbsup: for that little piece of tin.

You might want to call some suspension shops who are out testing the 05 forks. I was talking to enzo last week and they had the 05 YZ250 forks on their 04 YZF450 doing the prelim fork set ups. Or check w/ a yamaha dealer. The 05 YZ250's have been out for a bit now, they probably have the parts fish and can cross it for you.

Hope that helps...


yeah unfortunately i'll probably have to find a dealer out of state somewhere... the dealers here are still sellin '02-03 models on the floor

I dont think they are going to work on the older bikes. The 05 guard only has one bolt on the front, the 04 and earlier has two. The bolts are not ocated slightly similar either.

The "guide" is completly different as well. The new ones are very small and light. No big deal here. I think most folks remove the guide anyway.

The lightspeed guards look very similar to 05 and fit the older bikes. Here is a link http://www.lightspeedperf.com/products/index.php?action=item&id=245&prevaction=category&previd=15&prevstart=12

I have been running these for over 6 months now without a problem. I am not sure what else to say about them. They are just fork guards. They did not improve performance enough to have team Yamaha calling me or anything....Still, I like them.

Well we have both on the floor at work.

I will tell you that Yamaha as of Today has no fiche on the 05 bikes. Nice flaw there!

The left side looks like it will mount the same as the previous 96-04 bikes on the fork sliders -- dont take my word for it as I have not tried it. From looks, it looks like it can happen. The right side will require some spacers behind the guard and some holes drilled.

Now for the slider on the fork, you will have to have an 04 YZ for that 05 piece to work. They are the only other year bike that has the 48mm forks.

For the 46mm forks, you can cut off the ears on the guides and it works great!

Again the light speed is the way to go.

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