Radiator Repair Help

Hi TT!!! Been a while since Ive been on here, just been riding and loving my 99 WR. I loved my 99 WR so much, I bought another one! But thats another story. Anyway, I sold my trusty Old WR today and as we loaded the bike up, SOB if it did not start a drip dripping coolant. Poked around the bike and found the left side lower rad tank dripping on the front inside corner. When the bike runs and gets hot, it does not leak, but when she starts to cool, drip drip.

The cores are fine and are not tweaked, there is no preasure on the tank, I can move it around the rubber gromets fine. It just lookes like the seam is leaking.


I know I herd of an outfit on here before that can fix rads for these bikes for like $40. I kinda recall the outfit might have been in Pa somewhere. Anyone know that outfits name or contact info?? I told the guy I would split the cost of the repair with him, I felt like a real @$$ when it started leaking :thumbsup: .

Check out Mylers....I think the actual address is mylersradiatorrepair.com or something like that. Do a search for Mylers on this forum and you will find it. They do great work and the service is unbeatable.

Mylers is the way to go. Fast turn around guaranteed work. Nice folks. They fixed a rad for me a couple of months ago, no problems since.

Definately go with Mylers. I crashed and twisted my left radiator.

He straightened and leak tested it also welded the seams all for $80.

Look for Mylers phone number in the back of motocross/dirtbike magazines.

hi guys

do you thin this radiator is recoverable?

not to make it work (it works) but to make is straight again so it wont mangle plastic wings attached to it and just to look nice again

mechanic at repair shop had already given up..


Mylers straightened some out for me that were alot worse. It's worth getting it done since they cool MUCH better when they're straight.

Mine looked at least that bad, and Mylers got it straight, and fixed an internal leak that I wasn't aware of. They won't be able to fix the cooling fins, but the radiator will be good and straight when they are done. A dental pick and some time would help alot with the fins if you want to get real picky about it.

Wow, Mylers it is then! Thanks guys. Do they solder the tanks on all thier work? Looks like the stock is just a rolled seam.

Another really cheap fix if you don't have that big of a problem with the radiator (and you can find the hole) is use some JB-Weld. I used it on my radiator about three months ago and it's still holding.

Well, its leaking from the seam, so I dont think the JB weld will work, maybe stopleak from Barrs, but I hate to put that in.

BTW, the girl at Mylers told me the only way the cost on a repair would go over $80 was if you used JB weld on it :thumbsup: . I guese it laves a resin that soakes into the surface and makes it harder to work on.

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