How long should you keep a Bike

My last total dirt bike was a 89 Honda cr250 which I bought used. I bought it for $1200.00 in 93 but it needed a clutch. I rode the crap out of this bike hardly ever washed it no real maintenance . I think I changed the oil in the bike 3 times and twice was because I smashed the clutch cover and had to replace it. Well I just got rid of it about 3 months ago with a frame that was busted from boulder abuse under the motor. The bike also had a pro-circiut pipe which I had some custom bends and dents from previous wipe outs that had ripped the pipe clean off the head. I was lucky there was a post for barb wire fencing laying near by as I had to stick it in the pipe to bend the pipe so it would fit back on the bike. I continued to ride it for 5 years with the same bends in it. I just got rid of the bike in June of 2004 and I got $1000.00 for it. It still ran like a rapped ape....but it was time after having the bike for 11 years with hard riding on it. I hope my 2001 WR426 will be just a reliable.

yeah those CR 250s are some pretty robust beasts!! When I rebuilt mine it had 3/4 pint of muddy water in the crankcase, and it was still running like a train!

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