Can i push start a 2001 wr426 and what do i do when its flooded

left the gas on and my 6 year old played with the throttle a couple of times. have not started in a few days so i used the cold start, tried a few times and got several drips of gas out of the hose, formed a puddle around the size of a suacer. i then did the yamaha manual method of holding the compression release, kick 10-20 times, then try starting with hot start. it fired off for a couple of seconds several times but would slowly die out. i gave up after 30 minutes. please help


This has happened when my friends try to start my bike and play with the throttle too much. I just change the plug and it always starts right up.

Yeah the same thing happend to me right after I had the hot cams installed, at first I thought they [@#$%&*!] my engine up because in ran for a few minutes and then died out and wouldn't start even when we pulled it with my street bike. But the next day I put a fresh plug in and it started first kick. These fours certainly don't go through plugs like the two smokes, but it is certainly possible to foul a worn out old plug. Like mine was the stock plug, and all the extra gas the new cams let in killed it.

you can push start the 426

1)get it just past TDC as if you were going to kick it

2)push down a hill, standing on the pegs

3)click up into 2nd, and at the same time drop you weight onto the seat as hard as you can to try and prevent it from locking up.

But if it wont start with the kicker, this method will probably also fail.I was in a similar situation to you, and made the mistake of trying to push start the bike down a hill. I ended up walking home to get the trailer :thumbsup:

It's worth mentioning that when you do the 'kick it over 20 times with the decomp pulled in' you should have the throttle held wide open.

Put it in nutral, Hold in the decomp, get moving, click it in second and let the clutch out, when the motor starts spinning, let go of the decomp. If you stall the bike riding, just pull the clutch in, pull the decomp, let out the clutch, and let out the decomp. It takes practice, I have my decomp on the right side, faceing back, so I can bump it with my thumb, makes the pop starts alot easier.

I second the plug swap though :thumbsup:

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