best chain for the buck

I was waiting for the sprockets.....never put a new chain on used sprockets. All must be replaced at same time. I use DID ERT for MX. DID ERT and Ironman Sprockets will last very very long time.

Sprockets have a 1year guarantee :thumbsup:

yeah, I'm getting new front and rear talon steel sprockets. Can't wait to get this new stuff on my bike! :thumbsup:

Good advice, thanks. I'm going to go with the DID VM; if I find I don't like it I'll try a non o-ring next time. Anything has got to be better than the stretched out piece of S*#T I'm using now (along with some totally chewed sprockets). :devil:

One more newbie chain question. Is there any other way beyond a chain breaker to cleanly remove a link from one of these chains? Probably not but I thought I'd ask.

Use a bench grinder or dremmel. Pick the link that you want to cut, and grind the pins flat with the side plate, then grind them a little more. The side plate should pop right off and the chain will fall apart. You will never pick up a chain tool again after you cut the chain using a grinder. :thumbsup:

Pic of my Regina O-Ring chain...this thing is HEAVY DUTY! LOL


You ride that thing or just take pictures of it? :thumbsup:

You ride that thing or just take pictures of it? :awww:

Both! :lol: EVERY WEEKEND BABY!! :thumbsup: OH SHOOT! Look how dirty that rim is....that is unacceptable! LOL


DID 520 MX hands down

The best chain I ever purchased was an RK. I never adjusted the thing in at least 4 years and when I sold the bike was still in great shape. I think I paid $60.00 for it.

Best cheap chain is the tucker rocky motomaster o ring.

It is 45$ retail and is repackaged ek.

1400 miles of baja and never needed to be adjusted.

Team Yamaha does not run plated (ie chrome or copper) chains due to the fact that the plating process makes the chain less durable.

I have used RK 520 o-ring chains for years. They have served me very well.

Ok scratch that.. I just snapped my 520RK o-ring chain yesterday landing off a double at the track. oops.

Hmmm now what chain should I be buying again ?? :thumbsup::devil:

Seriousely though I have had very good luck with RK chains. this is hte 1st chain I have ever broke.

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