BRP vs. KTM300 comparison

I rode an 01KTM300EXC for the first time since racing one in the mid 1990's. All I am saying is, after the BRP, it felt like I was on a KDX200. I used to think the 300 had lots of low end grunt. What was I thinking? I am not saying it isn't a better bike for nasty conditions. I am saying the BRP's power is addictive and fun. On the 300, you actually have to shift. I didn't realize how spoiled I have become just leaving it in 2nd or 3rd gear and torquing thru everything. My only complaint with the 650r is in 1st gear muddy, rocky, rooty stuff. Once she starts doing what she wants to do, it's hard to convince her otherwise.

I just let it do what it wants and hang on.

My thoughts exactly. :thumbsup: Anyone wanna buy a near perfect '00 KTM 250EXC with enough spare parts to get you through a couple of racing seasons?

Yah, I rode a WR250 for a bit. All the power I need. Way lighter than the Pig. Awesome machine. But I still prefer the Pig for the same reasons you mentioned, plus I can do 50 m.p.h. road sections without taching at 11k in 5th.

Yeah, I hear ya man. The only 2-stroke bike I know of that feels as torquey as the BRP is my KX500.


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted

'04 KX500/jetted/fmf gnarly pipe

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