Suspension setup for bigger dudes - recommendations?

With all the gear on, plus Camelback, tools, tubes, etc., my rider weight is pushing 230lbs (I'm 195 buck naked). Should I be thinking about getting stiffer springs front and rear, and re-valving? The stock setup doesn't feel too bad, just wondering if it could be better. I'm familiar with RaceTech for the forks, but what about aftermarket springs for the rear?

stock or.48kg front springs and 5.6kg or 5.8kg rear spring. Revalve as needed. :thumbsup:

0.48 kg/mm front.... :thumbsup:

I'm 200lbs starkers and just fitted a 5.8 rear spring. I kick myself for not doing it the day I bought the bike!

havent touched the front yet as I havent felt the need. When I get better at jumping I may have to step up to .48's.

I suggest you go over to the suspension forum. Those guys are so helpful and know everything about suspension tuning.


Really, Shuffler? Really?

After Vegas?

I don't think so.

I'm 195 and the .47s are excellent in the front. I went with the 5.6 in the rear, a little soft. Should have gone with the 5.8...

i am pushing 235 lbs. w/ gear on. Any suggestions on springs? Just making both front and rear 2 clicks harder helped so much. I have a 05 WR 450.

I'm about the same size.

I just put 5.8 on the rear.

The front is being revalved with the stock springs (.46).

Should be perfect for you too.

I ride mostly desert with the ocassional 10' jump. :naughty:

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