No Spark

Just put my carb back together with replacement slide plate and Zip-TY fuel screw. Kicked it for about a hour but would not start. As a last resort I checked the plug for a spark and guess what "NOTHING". I can't see a break in the wires anywhere. I have tried a different plug and cap but still no spark.

Any ideas guys?

Could the coil be faulty?

If i disconnect the Orang and the black wire from the coil, touch them together and kick her should I get a spark or do you need the coil :thumbsup:

Sounds like you may have forgotten to connect something, or maybe pulled a connector loose while taking the carb off. Yes, you will need the coil. Without it there will be very little spark if any. Are you sure that the spade connector on the bottom inside of the coil is making good contact? Hope this helps,


All wires are connected and I have cleaned all contact points. I have also replaced the spade connector and earth connector.

do you have a dual sport kit on it?

the on off switch for the dual sport kid may be faulty. Or you may have a short between the normal kill switch. IT is possible for the part that fits on the plug to come appart from the wire that hooks on to the coil. Just press them back together really good.

I ahve had all of these problems before and that is what i did to fix it.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


No I do not have a duel sport kit. I have thoroughly checked all connections.

I have disconnected the kill switch also.

do you have an ohm meter?

If so check the continuity between the plug holder and the coil. Make sure that connection is there.

i have not heard of coils just dieing. Good luck. I will let you know if i can think of anything else.


I have a multimeter but am unshure how to check continuity.

put it on ohms and see if you measure about 0.03 or so.

or put it on the beeper setting. Place the leads together and the display should go to 0.00

Could anyone provide some really simple instuctions on how to check for continuity as I have no clue.

are my instructions too hard?

Sorry I missed the post inbetween. Wher do I check? Do I place the multimeter on the Orange and black wires? Do I need to kick at this point?


so is there anywhere o measure on the coil where the actual spark plug wire comes into it? I cant remember

are you sure you pushed the wire back into the plug holder. Or screwed it back in or something?

when you are checking for spark are you holding the body of the spark plug to ground ? you may need to do that to get a spark.

Yes I'm holding the bottom of the plug to steel.

kick it over while putting your finger to where the plug fires. I knw it will give you a jolt but it will aslo tell you if you are getting anything at all.

That is worth a try.


did you check if the cable without the sparkplug creates a spark

use some metal instead of the plug to gap the length that goes deep into the cylinder

I did strips some of the plastic off the HT lead and touched it on bear metal / my finger but no spark.

When checking for continuity: do I need to kick her to get the continuity.

If i disconnect the Orang and the black wire from the coil, touch them together and kick her

Dont do that, it'll fry your cdi box. Disconnect the orange and black wires from the coil and fit a light bulb between them and kick. You should see a flicker in the bulb.

Bulb flickers: it's the coil, lead,cap or plug.

Bulb doesnt flicker: it's the CDI,stator, wiring.

Check you workshop manual for test procedures. It's explained in plain english and easy to understand, even for someone with no electrical knoledge.

To eliminate the spark plug, remove the plug from the cap and inset a screwdriver blade into the cap. Hold the screwdriver handle so part of the shaft is almost touching part of the engine , then kick. Still no spark? then it's not the plug. Refer to the bible for the coil/lead/cap resistances. Manual can be found at motoman393's site

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