Help for my new to me 03 yz40f, not idling and cutting off

Just got home from 8 total hours of driving to get my new stress relief toy and it is running ruff and cutting off shortly after turning off the choke, it starts up on first crank but is idling ruff, I have spent probably 20 hours of the last 36 on this site reading posts so I know other folks have posted the same problems I will be looking at back posts but I am so amped up about my new toy I can't sit still and this technology has changed in the 20 years since I have ridden, any quick tips while I download the manual, thanks for the help

Turn the petcock off and drain the gas in the carb. I also would adjust the fuel screw and if that dosn't help take the carb apart and clean it thoughly. Fresh gas would hurt either.

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