Tripple clamps and plastics question

Are the aftermarket tripple clamps for an 04 wr450 the same as those for a YZ of the same year? Are they the same offset and fork diameter on the YZ?

Are the rad scoops different on a WR450 04 to the same year YZ. I heard they were wider for bigger rads?? :thumbsup:

no, the YZ got bigger forks (diameter) for '04. no the shrouds are differant also. the yz uses a smaller tank.

Actually I'm pretty sure that the forks are the same size on the '04 WR & YZ, I think the forks went from 46 to 48mm for '05. The difference that there will be, though is that the top triple for the WR has the pinchbolts on the sides to accomodate the headlight mounting brackets, whereas the YZ triple has them on the front (like the lower triple on the WR). At least I hope they're the same size, as I've got an applied racing top triple, barmounts, & bar at home waiting to mount up, that are for the YZ. I was planning on altering the stock headlight mounts, or making new ones if necessary.


Drat! MTRABlue was right (shoulda known). I did see, however that in Treebark's thread here NCMountainMan seems to think that the uppers have the same outer diameter. I hope he's right!

I know the 04 WR has bigger forks (diameter) to the 03 WR. Had not noticed the pinch bolts on the side though!! Makes too much sense yamaha doing that, I thought they would expect us to just wrench a bit more!!

Yeah, I thought the tank looked different. I am after a Bob HAnanh Yellow kit for my 04 WR. I see One industries do one for a YZ426 02 model. I presume fenders will fit etc, but tank shrouds appear to be the problem. UNless WR 04 models are the same as YZ ones from the 02 model, (NO WAY, the dirtbike Gods would not be THAT kind!)

Am I alone in having the "Hots" big time for the retro yellow Yams??

clarke makes a yellow 2.8 tank for the wr :thumbsup: and it requires yz shrouds so your set there. you won't have to change the seat but you'll probly want a black seat for your hannah look. the clarke tank for the wr accepts both seats anyhow(2 holes)

Aaarrgggghhh! I went home today at lunch & measured the YZ Applied Racing triple clamp I bought (a nice deal with bar & mounts too, if only it'd had fit my bike :thumbsup: ) & my '04 WR's forks.

The ID of the clamp is about 55mm (it measured 55.7, I'm guessing it clamps down to near 55) & the OD of the top of the forks is 53mm, somehow I doubt that that clamp is going to compress a total of 3mm worth of diameter. :devil::awww: This stinks, I guess I'll be looking for another setup to get "big bars" on my WR now.

mine is right at 55 just below the clamp :thumbsup:

I posted this in the other triple clamp thread, but just for good measure...

The "silver lining" here is that I called Applied Racing & talked to some guy named Jay, he told me to go to & for $180 shipped I get a better Applied clamp made specifically for the WR in my choice of colors, & my choice of colors & bend on a set of Renthal Fat Bars. :thumbsup: I guess I'll take the YZ Applied combo back to my dealer & get a nice stand or something instead.

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