Synthetic Oil

Has anyone tried using sythetic oil in their WR's? I was wondering if it would be okay to use the Mobil 1 with the red cap. It is labeled as 15W-50.

That's what my dealer reccommended using after breakin and I'll be using it. I think the only issue is price but the quality is worth it I think. :thumbsup:

I use Castrol ACT-EVO 10w40 year-round, even in the Tucson great! :thumbsup:

I always use synthetic, the bike revs, overheats..

ELF is the brand ELFMOTO4XTTECH.jpg , 10W-50, pretty sizy temp. range, lasts about 700 miles

I have seen the oil analysis of Mobil 1 15w-50. It has molybdenum in the additive package. Moly can cause your clutch to slip. Go to your local truck stop and buy Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic. No Moly and is formulated with a good buffer package to neutralize combustion acids. Most other diesel oils are also safe. Shell rotella 5w-40 is a lower class synthetic ($12.80 / gallon at walmart) that is safe and popular as well.

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