Leak jet?

treebark, sorry i didn't post right away. i wanted to ride the bike with some more jetting changes. i went to a 40 leak jet and a 100 pilot air jet. wow, that really put some snap in the low end. so, right now i'm at; 42 pilot jet, 100 pilot air jet, acv blocked off, 40 leak jet, JD red needle with the clip in the middle, 160 main. pilot fuel screw out two turns.

it would be hard to go over all the jets in the carb. the jetting forum has a lot of good info and the manual will have a lot on the regular stuff (pilot, needle and main jet). however, there's alot more to these carbs.

what ever i know i learned from this forum.

the acv (air cut valve) is the small round cover on the side of the carb. if you do a search in the jetting forum you'll find out more than what i can type. it won't make the bike faster, it just makes the pilot jetting the same all the time. it's a little easier to dial in. YZ's don't have it.

the accelerator pump is one of the most important things to getting these bikes running right. not only is it a leak jet and diaphragm, it's also the linkage that makes it work. i think you'll be very happy with a 40 leak jet, but if your pump timing is off (in the manual)you'll still might have some bog.

another thing unique to these carbs is the pilot circuit. in the old days we had an air screw. now we have a fuel screw. just the oppisite. there's also a pilot air screw. not sure why. it may help atomize the fuel charge from the pilot jet. one way or another, there's a balance to fuel jet size and air jet size. with your bike opened up a bit, a 48 pilot and 100 pilot air jet is probably a good balance.

where do i ride? i've been pretty busy and haven't been out much. i have been trying to ride at my club's property. i'm part of the midwest trail riders association (MTRA). you can see where my forum name came from. we have a little over 600 acres southwest of potosi near the bixby/ viburnum area. we've been trying to get it opened as a riding area. it's open the third weekend of each month.

p.m. me and i can get you some more info on the property(this isn't the right place to run an advertisement) or if you've got any more jetting questions.

Thanks will be in touch.

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