White bros e2 pipe

Anyone try this pipe yet? Do you think it is worth the money? What jets work well with this pipe?

there have been a couple posts. it doesn't seem to be as quiet (96db) as promised.

The stock pipe has a plug in the end, the E2 has a plug in the end. Why do you want another freakin plug. Buy a Q and you have a quiet unrestricted exhaust.

Thank :thumbsup:

I've got one. The first run through they weren't 96db on the Yamaha 450's they were more like 98.5. They have since come out with a new insert...more restrictive and it has been tested at around 95.5. The pipe seems to work OK, with it completely uncorked it's loud as hell but has pretty good power all around. The only time I've ridden it plugged up was at high elevation, 8000-11000 ft, and nothing is very impressive that high up.

God! Why can't thangs be easier? :thumbsup:

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