Tether type kill switch

OK, going to order a tether type kill switch for my "soon to come, paid in full 2004 WR450F" and dont have any idea if the standard kill switch is a normally open or normally closed type? Does anyone have this info. I can get either type, naturally, I want one that will fit the WR450F. Thanks. :thumbsup:

It's normally open.....it makes the connection to ground when pressed.

how come that's important :thumbsup:

Hill climbing is my only guess.

I run a "dead man switch" for 3 reasons.

1 - when ice riding, a downed bike does not turn into a buzz saw

2 - when trail riding, it is nice to not have your bike reving on it's side while you scramble to figure out why you are on your head

3 - when it is removed, no one else can ride your bike away

I put one on my flat tracker too.

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how come that's important :thumbsup:

Hill climbing is my only guess.

How come its important to get a N/O or a N/C? Well, if thats your question, and it was mine, is because one system, it will work, the other it wont. Now if the Yamaha kill switch used only one wire and grounds it to the chassis (handlebars) then its obvious its a N/O switch. I have a new 04 WR450F paid in full, waiting for its arrival and just getting my "ducks in a row" and would like to have it so when it shows up, I install it. Or did you mean "why is it important to have the tether type kill switch? Someone already gave you several of the same reasosn I'd used, another one is if (hasnt happend yet, cross the fingers) in the middle of a wheelie, I go over backwards, fall off, the engine braking on a 12.5:1 engine in the off position will bring the nose right back down and it will slow to a pretty quick stop, unlike a bike still running which can go lots of places you dont want, like over a side. etc. Other good reason I was thinking of is the little extra security when parked. My WR426F isnt easy to start (chicken dance) but the WR450F with e-start will be easy to take. And of course, a spill, its nice to have it shut down while your lying on the trailside regaining your composure. :devil:

I have already orderd new Devol radiator guards, Devol frame guards, Moose skid plate, front and rear monster tubes tether kill switch (now that I know the circuit) and a few other goodies. Now if that darn bike would just show up... :awww:

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