Triple Clamps for 04 WR

I recently ordered YZ triple clamps for my 04 WR (46mm)and unaware that YZ went to 48mm forks. Now my question is what year WR or YZ has the same size forks? I check parts microfiche and the part numbers for the outer tubes and stock triple clamps are all different. Most triple clamp manufactures don't show WR applications. I'm interested in the APPLIED or the UNIVERSALS clamps/bar combos on

i just ordered hurricane uppers and the feller said that on the 04 the outer diameter is the same on the 46 and 48,i guess i'll see here in a couple days when they show ups! there is a difference in some bracketry for the odo and wiring,that didn't matter to me as i have removed the odo and the ignition switch(no more starter and 12 pounds lighter) i went with the applied wraps for the lower, they say they're stuff is replacement gauranteed even if you wreck 'em! can't beat that! :thumbsup:

I think the 04 model WR has the same diameter forks as the 03 YZ?? I am pretty sure the 04 WR has a 2 mil bigger fork that the 03 WR.

BUt then as you see from my similar post, I ama little confused too!

Bad news guys, I went home today at lunch & measured the YZ Applied Racing triple clamp I bought (a nice deal with bar & mounts too, if only it'd had fit my bike :devil: ) & my '04 WR's forks.

The ID of the clamp is about 55mm (it measured 55.7, I'm guessing it clamps down to near 55) & the OD of the top of the forks is 53mm, somehow I doubt that that clamp is going to compress a total of 3mm worth of diameter. :thumbsup::awww: This stinks, I guess I'll be looking for another setup to get "big bars" on my WR now.

i've got right at 55 on mine. measure just below the stock clamp your not measuring the cap are you? :thumbsup:

Nope, the cap was like 52.9mm or something, I measured just below the top triple & got 53mm. :thumbsup:

maybe your measuring device is wrong? i checked 3 times with calipers and got just a hair under 55 mm

The "silver lining" here is that I called Applied Racing & talked to some guy named Jay, he told me to go to & for $180 shipped I get a better Applied clamp made specifically for the WR in my choice of colors, & my choice of colors & bend on a set of Renthal Fat Bars. :thumbsup: I guess I'll take the YZ Applied combo back to my dealer & get a nice stand or something instead.

I double checked that the caliper (digital) was zero'd & measured it twice. I'll triple check it again tonight, but regardless, I think I'm gonna order the combo kit from BTOSports. It'll be nice to choose the finishes & bend of the bars, plus I won't have to mess with making new brackets (or modifying the stock ones).


i'd say it'd fit, but your bike , i'll let you know if my yz clamp fits on the wr when it gets here. :thumbsup: you know i just thought of sumthin, the 03 yz had 46mm forks!

Cool, knowing how long it takes me to get around to doing stuff, You'll have your stuff there & mounted before I figure out what exactly I'm doing... :thumbsup::devil:

I measured my forks and they are 53.9mm the ID of the clamps I recieved measured 55.9mm. Checked out BTOsport and they,re $10 cheaper than Motosport. There was a problem with Unverisal clamps in that 98-03 showing same part # as the 04 YZ. I'm getting Applied Wrap clamps now for an 03 YZ and they should work. Let you guys know in a few weeks if they work.

Sounds good, Those are the same measurements that I came up with. I also ordered a combo kit from BTOSports on Friday, the guys there were real good, & even called me back after my order to double check exactly what I wanted. :thumbsup:


Got my Applied top triple, barmounts & Renthal Fatbar in from BTOSports today (good timing too, I bent the stock bars in a low speed hillclimb get off yesterday), & they look great. I have'nt had time to offer them up to the bike yet, or get any measurements on the clamp as I'm still at work. Will measure it up when I get home & post tommorow, & maybe give an update once I've got it all mounted.


Just notified that the new set has been reshipped today, won't have mine till possibly friday. Which Applied triples did you get,WORKS or WRAP style? Let me know how you mounted the ODO and electrial stuff.

I got the WRAP ones, the guys actually called me back about a half an hour after I ordered it to ask if I was going to be running the ODO or not. I told them yes, so the clamp I received has all the mounting points necessary for the ODO & other electronics/wiring & bracketry.

I measured the fork tubes & the top clamp & came up with the tubes being 53.9mm & the clamp being 54.9mm (unsprung), which seems to be a much better fit than the 55.9 (ish) that the other clamp (for '04 YZ) was.


ya, the hurricanes were too big from the 04 yz also(i think someone tried to tell me that). they sent me 03's and just got them today.can't wait to ride with them they are some quality looking stuff! check 'em out at :thumbsup:

Hey did you ever get anyone to mic forks off of a YZ on other forum? Those clamps doesn't look like you can put a steering dampener on it. Do they only absorb the shocks transfered through the forks??

the way dennis (the owner of hurricane) explained it, they actually do the job so well that they react almost as if you had a steering dampener.there are different stiffness urethane inserts to suit your taste and the through bolts have urethane bushings as well. he told me they are great for people that don't like the feel of a dampener(me for one)and they absorb enough of a side impact and automatically sends the wheel back to center just off your body resistance! they don't cost anymore than a good set of reg. clamps ($285) so if all else fails i've got that and you can always put a w.e.r. dampener on the bottom clamp. i won't know how it is t'll i get all my parts on, still waiting on the rekluse! will let everyone know though. :thumbsup:

Jackazz, Got my trips in they fit, had to manufacture a bracket out of 1" alum strap for the right side to support the odo and for now just bolted the wire bracket to odo. Will have to make another bracket to bolt it rigidly to trips, do that when I get a trail computer (one with gps maybe) down the road. It was fairly easy to do and doesn't look bad. I'd have to say I liked the look and the rubber mounts of the Universals better. Oh well these work just fine. Now I just need a stabilizer and money spending is done for awhile, I hope.

ncmountainman That's a good point (WER dampener). Did you try them out yet?

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