Triple Clamps for 04 WR

Sounds good. :thumbsup: I installed my 3 clamp & Fatbar on Sat. The only Mod I had to do to get everything to fit was to add 3 bends on the left side of the "wire connector bracket" (effectively "pinching" it to make it a bit shorter) on the left side of the triple, as it was about 3/8 to 1/2 " too long on the Applied clamp. I probably could have just drilled a new hole on the right side of the bracket (the part that shares the center mount with the ODO), but I was afraid that the wiring connectors would foul/rub on the ODO. It was a fairly simple job, allthough I found that the steering stem nut was damn tight, & a pain to break loose. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the setup, allthough I did think that Applied could have added some sort of indexing boss on the barmount/triple interface to make squaring things up while mounting a bit easier, but I just left the mount bolts loose until I had the bar mounted up & then tightened it down, which seemed to work quite well. I put about 40 miles (mostly trail) on it Sunday, & did'nt really crash-test it, I only had one tip-over on a steep washed-out descent. I added a set of Acerbis Rally II handguards for a bit of hand lever protection while I was at it, allthough I'm thinking I might switch to the version with the aluminum "main spar" as the all plastic ones bend quite easy.

FWIW, do yourself a favor & buy an aluminum throttle tube with no end if you're gonna put handguards/barkbusters on the bike, as the stock plastic tube has an end on it & is quite likely the most brittle substance known to man. I, of course figured this out the hard way & almost ruined the damn thing cutting the end off.


rode with the hurricanes for the first time today,and to tell the truth they do what they claim! there is a bunch of catribs(braking bumps) at the end of a long straight on my test track and they used to about wrench the bars out of your hands,now they are smooth as silk! and that was the only change so it had to be them. and in the woods it was very smooth also,got way more speed (almost too fast) because of the confidence gain. i would highly reccomend them,especially if your on the market for clamps anyhow, you can't go wrong with the added benefits! :devil::thumbsup:

So the YZ 03 triple clamps fit the WR 04 model?? Those hurricanes look amazing, but the applied / fatbar combo is a great price!

the 03 yz 450 is what is needed for the 04 wr450,i put the applied wraps for the lower they make a wr specific clamp(headlight bar holes)and used the fatbar enduro bend with the crossbrace off of some twinwalls.along with the msr hand gaurds(you need pro-taper clamp kit) attached with faastco inserts,its so solid it amazes me! :cry:

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