2002 WR426 Footpeg :'(

Recently, the left footpeg has developed a crack, but the bike has never been tipped :thumbsup:, and now requires replacement. It is Yamaha Part Number 5ET-27411-00-00, and is called "Footrest 1." It is rediculously high priced to replace, and I was wondering if anyone knew of an awesome discount site, or would possibly be willing to sell me one?




I think I know now what caused it to crack. It DID fall off its stand overnight for some reason onto the left side a while back, and that could very well have weakened it.

how about welding and reinforcing it? (professionally)

Good Idea! Does anyone know what material it is made of? I am reasonably skilled with oxy-acetylene, but I think Arc is out of the picture....maybe TIG? Too bad I don't have a TIG welder :thumbsup:

O acetylene should do it, use extra metal piece to sthrengthen it and paint to prevent oxidation

TIG would be better, maybe theres a mechanic near by that owns one?

They are steel. A mig would be fine if tig isnt avaliable.

Grind around the crack in a 'V' shape (about 1/4 oif the thickness, from each side if possible) so you get extra penetration. Theres no need to reinforce it.

I repair welders for a job so u can rely on this advise :thumbsup:

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