stock yzf seat vs sdg seat.

Need help regarding these two seats. Would like to know the main differences because want to decide between these which to get. Thanks :thumbsup:

the sdg seat is good. I had a tall seat for my 426 and now the 450 tall seat. I like them much better than the stock seat. Decent gripper cover and lighter than stock.

I second the SDG. I have had mine for awhile and it has held up well and the gripper material works very well. I don't remember if it is any more comfortable than stock but I didn't buy the bike to be sitting more than 30% of the time!

How about a stock seat with as good gripper cover as the sdg, would the sdg still stand out? Thanks :thumbsup:

From what I hear the amount of work to put on a gripper seat cover would turn me away from it. Also, most gripper seats are close to the same price as the SDG. I am planning on swapping my stock seat out when I sell the bike and use the SDG on my new bike (as long as it fits!).

Buy the SDG the foam in the stock seat sucks. I tend to sit alot and after about 15 minutes with the stock seat my arse would be killing me. I can go all day with the SDG.

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