Fuel Screw Question for '04 WR450

I ordered the Storm fuel screw & it showed up at work today. I was looking at the carb & I'll be damned if I can figure out where it goes. :thumbsup: Now, I did'nt even open the package that it came in to look at the instructions yet (just took it home & glanced at the bike during lunch), Anyone care to give a guy a little direction? I have to say, I'm a bit embarassed having to ask. :devil: On a side note, it's a very nice looking piece, black annodized with #'s 1 thru 4 etched into the thumbscrew end. :awww:


BTW, this pic does'nt show the o-ring they are now putting on the shaft which is supposed to help keep them from vibrating out.



under the carb(through the float bowl) towards the front of the bike its quite hard to get to. :thumbsup: if you loosen the clamps up you can tilt the carb a little to help access.

Wish I hade bought one of those rather than the Zip-TY I just purchased :thumbsup: It looks much easier to adjust.

Where did you get it from?

Storm Cycles They are apparently a board sponsor, as they have a banner add up top, which is how I found out about them in the first place. :thumbsup:

Allright, so far I now know that I was looking to high on the carb, which side of the bike is it on?


Its underneath the carb towards the front and is recessed. You will not see it without loosening the jubilee clips and twisting the carb or removing it completely.

Look in your owner's manual for fuel screw.

They have a nice exploded view of the carb. You'll use a thin screw driver to gently back the stocker out. But first, note the number of turns out it is first now by lightly tightening it. That's the number of turns out you'll set your fuel screw at to start.

when you loosen up the clamps, just be careful that you dont pull on the carb too hard as you might break the hot start. at least thats how it is with my yz. and now might be a good time to jet your bike.(if you havent already and if it is needed)

i second the warning on the hot start. the part that screws into the carb is plastic and only has about four threads. it's not a bad idea to unscrew it from the carb before you start.

another warning; when you use an aftermarket pilot fuel screw (zipty), be very careful when you screw it in all the way. it is aluminum and the tip cab be damaged. there have been some that have twisted the tip off in the carb. bad news. use two fingers and don't force it.

Sounds good. Thanks for all the info guys. I finally got around to doing all the "freemods" this Sunday, I did notice the location of the fuel screw when crawling under the bike to insall a new works connection one piece skidplate. Hopefully I'll be able to get out & ride it this weekend, allthough I need to do a bit of jetting work on it now that I "opened it up" a bit. :thumbsup:

The std fuel screw can be quite easily adjusted using a 1/4 drive socket fitted with a "thin" electric screwdriver bit. Wrap a bit of masking tape round it all, to hold the bit in and you can mark it each 1/4 turn to help set the screw. The whole "tool" fits in there, and you can just about get your fingers on it to turn.

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