Finger operated gear shifting?

I had installed the Rekluse clutch and now love it. I am waiting for the launch of the Rekluse hand operated rear brake (the one that lets me keep the foot lever) and was wondering about the possibility of a hand operating gear shifter. Has anyone ever heard of something like this? Is it possible? What do you guys think?

the drag bikes use some sort of electric shift,maybe you could rig one from their stuff. probly just a solenoid on the shift lever. :thumbsup:

The drag bikes usually use an air cylinder conected to the original shift lever. The problem is that they are designed for upshift only. You have to manually down shift the transmission. I think that the system would be to bulky and fragile for a dirt bike. But it would be cool.

The electric shifters can only be used on fuel injected bikes with a Power Commander. Carbureted bikes use air shifters.

Electric shifters can be used on any bike regardless of carburetion. Dale Walker builds one that both upshifts and downshifts, however it will require a battery supply. I personally dont like his stuff and dont think it would hold up in a mx/sx dirt enviroment. It should be easy enough to build one from a linear actuator, battery and double throw switch but why? A few sources for you

I was confused about Dale Walkers shifter doing both, it doesnt!

I've made a few electric kill shifters for road bikes and speedway cars with 600cc road bike engines. You still have to shift with you foot , but you hold the throttle flat and dont use the clutch. I ran a brake light switch off the gear shifter, which triggered a adjustable timer (about 50-100mS) to cut power to the ignition coil.It works well under ideal conditions but I dont think it would be much good for offroad use. You need to shift firmly and positively. If the shifter gets bumped the gearbox will sometimes not change properly, findinmg a false nuetral, or ramping in and out of gear. Since the YZ box is lucky to stay together under normal conditions this kind of treatment isnt recomended.

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