Bike just not the same after drenching

I'm looking for ideas on what could be wrong with my 98 wr400. The bike has worked great up until a few weeks ago when I got rained on steadily for about 2 hours. Every since the drenching the bike has become hard to start, (I have to use the hot start even when cold, no choke) and misfires at low RPMS. It backfires now when decelerating, it never used to backfire much at all. It seems to act up between 1/8 1/2 throttle.

Here's what I've tried:

Changed plug

Drained gas and replaced with new gas

removed carb and blew out all jets with air, drained float bowl, cleaned out accel pump..checked for vaccum leaks..etc

It seems slightly better now but is still not running right, any ideas? I love the bike but am getting tired of trying to fix this problem! help

Check to see if your carb vent lines are plugged and check the coil push on connector for corrosion and rust. Just a thought--WR Dave. :thumbsup:

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