Front sprocket

Anyone change their front sporcket on there YZ450F and what type of results did you get :thumbsup:

I use a 15 for mx and supermoto. To me it feels more like a 5 speed box now, minus 1st of course, and broadens out the power. any way who needs or even uses a first much. the 450 pulls so strong it can easily handle the taller gearing. i also use a Dr. D 6oz flywheel weight which also smooths out the power delivery and aids against stalling. :thumbsup:

i second the 15t front. i use a 15 for MX and it seems to add overrev. going back to a 14 seems to cost a few rpm on top. maybe taller gearing lessens the bottom end response, but ive got such wide gears and shift so much less its worth it to me.

it also tames the hit. i used to used 14/52 and it hit very hard but the gears were too short. now i use 15/47 for MX and trail riding.

has anyone else switched to 15/47? I run mx and wanted to know how this setup feels.

I run a 15/49 pretty much everywhere.

When you you change the front from 14 to 15 with sprockets in this range, it's the same as dropping 3 teeth at the rear. So a 15/48 is roughly equal to a 14/45.

Mine is two teeth taller than stock. The front makes it 3 taller, and the larger rear makes it one lower, for a net of two up. 15/47 is 4 teeth taller.

15/47 here, only way I could tame the 2003 BEAST.................LOL

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