YZF450 Fit for trail use?

Who in here uses there YZF 450/426/400 for the trails as well as MX?

Also, what mods do you recommend for making the bike a better all-arounder?

Any and all info is appreciated.

Thanks, Branden :thumbsup:

If I'm not mistaken, the 426's have the 5 speed transmission and are probably a little better suited to the woods than their 450 4 speed brothers. The first gear on mine is really tall and would make things difficult in heavy woods.

I don't ride in the woods, but I still find the first gear a little tall for my tastes. I'm going to put a 13t on the front though and that should fix it. And the fix will cost around $20.

The bike is awesome... I never stall it and I have never felt the "hit" that everyone complains about. When I twist it it just goes.

I ride my yz450 probably on trails 60% of the time and 40% on the track. The gearing is a little tall for the slow stuff, but like ovrrdrive said, a front sprocket helps a lot, and its cheep. A flywheel weight would probably help with the stalling issue at low speeds. I normaly do high speed trail riding, (wide open areas) and the only major complaint is that it has a relatively low top speed compared to other offroad bikes. The four speed is your friend and your enemy, you hardly ever have to shift, but it suffers at both extremes of speed. (slow and fast)

I mostly ride trails with a little fooling around on the track. I've got an 02 426 with a 12oz. flywheel and two extra teeth in the back. The bike is a blast to ride, but it is a bit of a handful and even with the lowered gearing I find myself wishing for a lower first gear for really tight stuff. I might be happier with something made more for trails, like a DRZ, but I would sure miss the power!

I'm no hotshoe, but I'm not a total squid either, but I'm sure that faster riders would be happier with my bike in the really tight stuff than I am.

Hope this helps.

i ride 90% trails and like it alot better than my old xr sure it could use a lower first gear but you just have to ride faster and carry more momentum to get over it but there are lots of mods that help make the yzf a very woods machine

I ride almost 100% very tight rocky trails. I went to a 13 tooth front sprocket and a 52 tooth on the rear. Top speed was about 35 mph on the logging roads (ouch!). I went back to the stock front and have been very happy. A flywheel mod may allow higher gearing, but I would lose some of the crisp throttle. The bike has forced me to be a faster rider, which has made it more fun. I couldn't give up the power now. I don't even want to do the flywheel mod!

Thanks for sharing guy's! :awww: Looks like my skills are just going to have to improve and that's not a bad thing.. :thumbsup: Absolute power corrupts absolutely! :devil:

I ride about 50% trail and 50% track. The one mod I have done which absolutely makes this machine magic in the tight and twisty woods is a Rekluse auto clutch. I can't say enough about this product. We ride some extremely tight single track and this one mod has drastically increased the speed at which I am able to move through the trees. No more stalling and fatiguing clutch work. I am much more consistent with how I put power to the rear wheel.

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