Thanks for a good weekend in PA, Bill!

Thanks to everyone, Bill, Mike68, MCarp, Nick Puza, Shawn Bohanon, Ken "Hitman" for making an enjoyable weekend in PA. Sorry Steve "Angry Candy" for missing you. The weather appeared to promise a disasturous day. By the time we all decided to go for it, our morning was gone.




'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC, and I use MOBIL 1 Oil, with ZERO problems.

It is unfortunate that we did not find each other until we were loading up, but I'm glad I met you guys...I can now put faces with posts. You all seemed pretty wiped out from the previous day's ride (or the previous night's activities.) Nevertheless, Rob & I had a great ride at Tower City and will certainly be back for more. Good meeting you all.

No doubt, I had a blast! Bill thanks again for everything! Despite the threat of rain, we still were all able to ride.

Hey guys, I'm also a member of Tower City, and I should be picking up my new 01' YZ 426 this week. Myself and another YZ 426 rider are planning on going up to TC this Sunday. Actually there could be a bunch of us, two and four strokes. Are you guys interested in going this Sunday? If not, we will probably be going almost every, or every other, weekend this summer.


Hey john, where you guys rollin in from? I am out by Quakertown. Bill, what tire do you like for Towercity? I have a Dulop 739 on the back and its half shot, it was that way when I got the bike so I cant tell how it was new and I ride TC and the likes of coal silt hills and the hardpack rock power lines and pipe lines in Hazelton.

Jason, we're coming from Delaware. I'm from Carlisle PA originally, but I've been living in DE for 8 years now. We used to ride up at Tower City in the 80's and early 90's, I joined last year and I love it. Give me an email if you want to meet up there on Sunday.

I'm about 90% sure that we are going.


John, I would be interested in riding, but I will be going to hershey park with the family on the 24th. I will be camping out at my site from fri. 6-29 to 7-01 sun. next weekend. I will be with my son(7years old riding a xr50r) and I ride a 00'yz426. Will proably be with a couple friends also. Member#26 Ken(Hit-man), or if you would like to try for another day just e-mail me. P.S. Bill and everyone else, I am #1 Hit-man now :D, my member password was deleted with the trouble the site is having. Now I'm a junior member :), glad to be back :D. If you can make it for a ride next weekend John or Bill, let me know. Talk to ya later!!! ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

I just posted a 3 paragraph summary of my weekend at Bills and don't know what happened but it dissapeared. I'm not typing the thing again. lost 2 the other day becuase of my password. There will be no summary becuase I am sick of typing. It takes me an hour.

Thanks to Bill and his great Hospitality.


01 426 "sewing machine"

I couldn't stand it and had to re-register to post a reply.

Kevin and Mike left in the middle of the night (3am) and went straight to the track (9 hour drive) to ride before coming to my house. Mike was ready to get back on the track after his first experience in April.

I called the track to talk the owner about us coming up the next day and he said one guy was riding (mike) and the other (kevin) had been working on his bike all day. Apparently with the surgery and Kevin deciding to try the air screw instead of a air jet or whatever it is. He wasn't having much success with his bike.

When they got to my house, mcarp (mike c) was already there and npuza (nick) was right behind them. Mike made his famous venison chili that we poored over angel hair pasta and washed it down with copious amounts of barley pop. Kevin started to work on his bike again and the next moring came early.

The next day sbohanon (shawn) met us at Rausch Creek MXP. It was going good until nick decided to double a triple and cased the face of the triple. His ankle and shoulder got hammered but, it was the end of the day. Kevin worked on his bike again. We made him change back to a jetting configuration we all knew worked and he had better luck the next day. It never ran absolutly correct and is still a mystery to all of us.

Day two saw a terrible forcast (possible flash floods and heavy thunderstorms) and we were unsure if we wanted to ride. We started to watch Time to Ride (best video I've ever seen) and after 15 minutes I couldn't stand not riding and we decided to take a chance.

It turns out that it rained in the early morning and the tracion was good and no dust :) Since we got a late start we didn't see angry candy (steve) until the end of the day. We did hook up with hit-man (ken) and we had a good time. I flatted about an hour into the ride and Mike C flatted soon after.

Once again Mike68 amazed us with his rding skill and climbed the impossible rock trail.

I was happy to provide a place to stay for everyone and we'll be doing this again next year.

Thanks to everyone for coming, see ya next year if not earlier :D



99 WR400f

97 KDX220 (sons)

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Yes, those barley pops are good. Drank pleanty of those. Thanks to Bill for putting the bikes on the trailer Sat am for the motivation was at an all time low.

Also a special thanks to NPUZA for selecting a special trail at RC and to both NPUZA and SBOHANAN for getting me back on the trail. :) Thanks guys, couldn't have done it alone. There was pleanty of everything for everyone and any level. No air to big air, smooth trail to rocky riverbeds. I was so fast I got to pass a kid riding an xr80 on the intermediate track :D. NO I didn't roost on him either. :D

I always seem to learn something new when I go down there. First time I learned how to jump a 4-stroke, this time I learned how to steer with foot pressure on pegs. Really helps when standing and dodging trees and stuff. You can never go wrong when you learn something.

Thanks again Bill, you are making me a better rider.

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Oh, yeah..almost forgot, I crashed more than anyone too. :) My bike came back uglier than when it left. Even dented my new moose skid plate, but thats what its for. <IMG SRC="

I posted something last night, it didn't show up????

The weekend was a blast. It was really great meeting and riding with all you guys. I still owe Kevin a roost-splash as he COVERED me in water from a large puddle the first day. 'Course that was my fault for being such a wuss over the puddles (wasn't sure what was under the water at first).

Mike68n and Nick? Damn those boys can ride!

Bill, thanks again for everything. We'll have to do this again next year.

Here's my summary- Kevin worked on his bike every night. I'm convinced the jetting he was using and a headpipe leak contributed to what felt like a 30hp bike. We all drank enough beers to make Milwaukee proud. Everyone rode pretty well, certainly no laggers to slow everyone down. Bill and I got a flat at Tower City :) So much for lightening the front end w/ no slime or HD tubes! Big mistake...

Hitman was our trail guide at TC. Otherwise I would still be limping around the trail with a flat!

Mike68's bike was utterly trashed looking, but hey it ran good so who cares? It was entertaining watching him climb some hills and wreck as we all sat at the bottom wondering "Hmm, I wonder where he'll fall?"


I don't spend money on cosmetics, stickers and all the stuff that makes a bike look cool. I would be putting new stickers on evert week :) Crashin don't bother me, it's kind of my trademark. Everything I crashed on I should have cleared. I didn't atempt anything that wasn't posible, but no climbs or jumps are gaurnteed. It's nice to see others crash too as long as there are no injuries. It's nice to have company in the crash catagory. Going out fo 60 or so tonight. I'll do my best to keep it upright.


how much weight have you lost on that tricked out rig of yours? I like those pretty wheels. They look great.

hey you'all. life here in the caribbean is treating me well. i'll have a rum runner for each of you. thanks bill for putting the whole event together and being able to put a face to a name.

nick, how's the ankle?

well, i'm off to go snorkeling. be back home on the 28th and will check the posts.



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Sbohanan, you lucky dog. drink a few for me



I have no idea how much weight has been lost by the hubs alone. Really the extra set of wheels is to allow two sets of tire types to be used depending on conditions. Also, if I get a flat, I just throw on a new rim. Sure they look cool, but that really isn't why I bought them.

Never weighed the bike in current form. Maybe 253-5 dry?

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