1987 600R starting problems

My 87 600r won't start unless you pop it behind a truck, quad, or another vehicle. if you were to just kick it over, even when its just run for 20 minutes a second before, it won't even cough. Could this be the result of an XR250R plug wire?

check your compression

might have a bum stator

might have a bad ingition coil

might have a carb(s) out of tune


The hosed stator seems to be a common problem on these older XR600 from what I've read. There is an Australian site that details the rewinding of the ignition feed on the stator (not to be confused with the big heavy wire used for the lighting on the stator). If the spark appears pink/orange and weak, versus blue and bright (on a known good plug, or new one) then I'd be looking into that.

Only the '91 or newer can be rewound, I'd start with one of those if yours needs replacing.

I agree with others, check spark, if not big and bright look for a new stator, my 87 xr600 would act very similar. Spark so weak it was difficult to see (but I was kickin and looking at the same time). When stator is weak the speed of a kick just isn't enough to create enough power for a good spark, pulling it the rpm are high enough to make a strong enough spark. I got my stator from Ricky Stator, works well, did have initial problem with lighting circuit not working, he claimed I ground it out installing (others have had similar problems) but he sent me out another very quickly. $130 not bad price either. David

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