fork tube size *DELETED* *DELETED*

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Post deleted by ncmountainman

Post deleted by ncmountainman

man, do the yz guys hate the wr guys that bad ya can't help a brutha out! :thumbsup:

Dude, it is common sense here. The 04 WRs still have 46mm forks.

ONLY the 04+ YZs and 05+ WRs get the 48mm units.

So yes the 00-03 YZ clamps will work on the 00-04 WRs. The only difference will be the missing mounts for the extras the WRs have like the ignition switch, headlight assmbly, etc.

Post deleted by ncmountainman

The first 3 letters in the yamaha p/n tells you what bike the parts are from.

If you would read my reply, you would have your answer. Your 04 WR is the same as the 96-03 YZ forks. The top clamps changed in 00 with the vertical mounted number plate bolt from the previous up to -00 horizontal mounted number plate.

So if you ordered the top clamp for the 04 YZ, it will NOT work on your 04 WR. You need the 03 YZ with the 46mm tubes.

Thanks for reading.

man is it that much to ask? can someone please measure their fork tube on a 04 yz just below the upper clamp? the dealership is an hour away. i know my wr has 46mm forks and i know the 04 yz has 48 but i need to know the difference in this measurement to give the manufacturer to see if they will work or not(i'd rather hear it from him,no offense)they have already sent the 04 yz clamps and is telling me they will work but if they tighten too much it will go out of round so he needs to know the difference. thats all i askfor a measurement :thumbsup:

thanx for nuthin fellers,goin to the shop to measure for myself! :thumbsup:

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