Chain Stretch

Hey All,

My chain has stretched to the next to last mark on the axle blocks and I hope to be able to get 1 or 2 more rides out of it while I wait for the UPS man to bring my new chain and sprockets. I ride in New England and dual sport my bike. General knowledge says Ironman 15/48 or 14/48 and DID ERV2 chain. Correct??? Is this the chain

Where can I get a chain/sprockets combo. I remember seeing them somewhere for $160, just can't remember where.



Are you sure the one at Rocky Mountain isn't a 520VM X-ring because I don't see ERV2 listed anywhere? If that's truly an ERV2, that's one heck of a price :thumbsup:

Now that we know where to get the chain, how bout them sprockets. Can anyone confirm Rockymountains chain? Who has the best deal on them ironman's? Also, how many teeth should I run for the east coast and dual sport? Should I go 14/48(stock?), 15/48, or something else? I don't want numb hands on the hway, but also don't want to lug the motor on the trails. BTW, thanks to all for the top-notch info!


I bought mine at Chaparrel but, saw this price at Rocky mountain and figured it was the same chain but, it looks like it could be a VM X-ring?????? I have never used a VM I have used ERV2 X-ring and EVR Gold chains so, I might have screwed up??? I think the ERV@ X-ring is the best chain I have used.....If this is a VM it is still major strong at 8,125 lbs. I got my IronMan sprockets at QualitySmart

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