deals on tech 8??

i have a mate currently in the US on vacation & he is prepared to bring me home a new pair of boots,has anyone seen tech 8's advertised at a good deal? he has a address in Chicago(4 shipping).Thanks,any help would be greatly appreciated!

There is a good deal on 2003 Tech 6's at, $189 I believe with free shipping. I am not sure how good of a deal their Tech 8's are, $296 and free shipping.

I can't verify the integrity of this place, but they have a closeout sale on Tech 8s for $250. Looks like they even to ship to Canada :thumbsup: I could make a good deal buying some and selling my Tech 6s.

Check out They have tech 8's in the closeout section for about $235+ shipping. Best deal i've come across

good luck

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