I have a 04 wr450f and was wondering the best and cheapest handguards to get for my bike. I want something that will protect my hands and my handles. :thumbsup:

Howdy Ho there neighbor. I live in Stephenville. I to was wondering about handguards today. Nearly beat my hands off on some narrow parts of the railbed today.

Where do you live. I ride quite a bit. Maybe we can hook up.

My WR is an 04 & is stock {besides baffle}...plated it with a trip to MVR with no problem back in May. NO QUESTIONS ASKED !!! :thumbsup: Hand signals all the way...........LOL !!! :devil:

I run the Maier Extreme Hand Guards and am very happy with them. They are one piece, like a bark buster but with a roost deflector built on. I am currently running them on my 02 WR426, but also had them an a 99 YZ400. Very strong, and they run about $50 from Rocky Mountain. I am not sure if TT carries them or not, but you might check. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help. Those prices are a lot more reasonable and what a selection. I just wish I could find them on a canadian site. :thumbsup:

Hey NewBee,

Exactly what part of Newfoundland are you located ???

I inquired about that in my previous post on this topic, but i guess you missed it.

Enduro Engineering :thumbsup: They're the best I've used(my bike takes a lot of abuse riding in the Rockies :devil:). Acerbis will bend and the hardware is junk(still have spare bits and pieces). The EE's are bomb proof.

I don't know about the Maier Extremes, but I do know the Maier Pro handguards are horride. I have Tusk D-flex's coming in the mail this week. So I'll be able toss the Maier's in the trash before I have to repair another lever. :thumbsup:

Another vote for the Tusk Dflex. I ran them on my protapers, and they are pretty much bullet proof. For the price, you cant beat em.

Had the plastic acerbis handguards, but changed to Tusk D-Flex. Kept bending the acerbis when hitting things, including the ground. So far only hit asmall tree with the Tusk's held up very well and would have probably reached my knuckles with my old guards. These are a good buy in my book!

Cycra. Absolutely bullet proof. Will not twist or deform unless you have a major get off where hand guard protection will be the least of your worries.

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