broken fcr slide

I've had a little bad luck with old blue. Went to start it yesterday after work and had very little compression to speak of. Needless to say it wouldn't start. On the way to work it acted a little odd in the fact that the revs stayed up. Got it home and tore it apart and found that my slide in the carb has broken apart. Where do broken pieces go.....inside the cylinder of course. Went in even farther and found misc pieces inside. Luckily nothing else was injured other than the carb slide.

The question is where can I find a quality replacement? The stock slide is very cheezie.

1998 Wr 400 is the bike, FCR carb.

Somebody must know where and if you can buy an aftermarket slide or do I have to go to Yamaha?????????? I have been looking and haven't found one yet.

a fren of mine from tis part of the world sells it,

i am sure he will see tis & contact u soon,


My carb's slide plate cracked too, but luckily I was cleaning it out and caught it before it had a chance to get sucked into the intake. Very scary to see.

For all FCR and Mikuni carb parts, contact:

SUDCO International Corp.

3014 Tanager Ave

Commerce, California 90040

PH 323 728-5407

FAX 323 728-8060


Parts are waaaay less expensive. For instance, a slow jet from the dealer costs about $12 in Arizona. From Sudco it is about $3. The carb slide isn't cheap, but you'll always get a better deal at Sudco than the factory.

Hope this helps.


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