Least Expensive OEM Parts? Besides eBay :P

Does anyone know of a site/supplier that has awesome OEM prices for YAMAHA, excluding eBay? The best one I've found so far is DGY Motorsports @ http://yamaha.dgy.com/parts.aspx

Just use thier online microfiche and compare prices.

If anyone knows of a place with better prices, let me know! I have some plastics to replace :thumbsup:

$50 for 1 side of the side panel??? :devil:

TT shop sells polisport factory replicas @ $29 and after looking at the price of the oems, i wonder if $29 is for one side panel or a pair. :thumbsup: It does say side panels and radiator covers on the catalog though :awww:

Cheapiest I found is ronayers.com, but that site is a couple dollars cheaper.

Zanottis Send them the part numbers, they'll reply with a quote...best prices for Yamaha I've found!

What about good old TT Shop? They've got a 110% price guarantee. C'mon guys :thumbsup:

He's asking for OEM, not aftermarket stuff....that means from the same factory as the bike! I don't think TT sells OEM parts.....at least, not last time I checked. :thumbsup:

Hales Sport Center in Mansfield Ohio will discount ALL Yamaha OEM parts 20% of list price and shipping is very (cheap) reasonable also. As a matter of fact you can get 20% off all aftermarket parts too if you have the part numbers. :thumbsup:

Stupid me - you are right. In my haste I neglected to pay attention to the OEM :thumbsup:

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