YZF 426

I am considering purchasing an 02 426. I have heard the rumors of them being a very hard starting MC.Anybody have any pointers, and what I should watch out for. The MC seems to have been well taken care of who just putted around.The bike appears that way also. Does this bike have a lot of inherent problems? Is there a reason its not made anymore?

thanks for any and all that can give me some advice.

The only people that have trouble starting them either:

a)dont follow the very simple procedure


b)dont have them tuned properly

Mine goes 1st or 2nd kick when dead cold and 1st kick every other time. IMO the are great bikes with no real problems. gearbox failures are probably the most common, so give that a good workout on the test ride. The only reason they arent built anymore is that Yamaha upgraded to the 450 (so as not to give anything away to the CRF's and SX's)

I'll second that. I've never had a problem starting mine.

Dido, Fantastic bike.

I had bad problems starting mine until I did the 03 450 exhaust cam mod.Now it always starts 1st or 2nd kick.

Follow this link and you will be fine Starting Four Stroke I only trail ride so it easy for me,but if you are a MX racer these guys will tell you that this is not a routine you want to make in the middle of a race and the cam mod is a must. Don't let the starting issue discourage you from a four stroke especially if you are getting a good deal on the bike, like they said once you get the routine down you'll never give it another thought :thumbsup:

Starts on first or second kick. Never had a hard time starting it ever. It even started on first kick after crashing in the sand. :thumbsup:

The 02' is a very solid year, should be a great bike. Starting should be a non-issue. Might be a bit frustrating at first if you're not used to kicking a big 4-stroke that doesn't have an automatic compression release, but as said above it's typically a 1-2 kick deal once you have it down.

The one thing to be aware of is these bikes need clean oil. Find out the guys maintenance habbits and check on the oil condition. If it doesn't look new then walk away. If he didn't change it often then walk away. Just my $.02, good luck the 02' is a great year! :thumbsup:

If only my 2 smoke would start as easy as my 426.

Yes I am serious!

I've never had to kick mine more than 4 times. And that includes after it falling over on a very steep hill with the bike ending up almost completly upside down. It wasnt upside down for more than a few seconds, but still :devil:

If I had been on my buddie's XR, I'd still be kicking it :thumbsup:


I have had my '02 426 since June of 2002 (purchased new) and it never has given me any starting trouble. I followed the drill until I did the DCM (450 exhaust cam swap) in June 2003. Now it is a 2 kick starter all the time. I highly recommend the bike.

Bill Barnard :thumbsup:

Hi Bill!, You going to come to GMB3?

Only 2-stroke riders have problems starting 4 strokes. Remember, do not touch the gas when starting it!

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