Why do i even question it !!!

I guess we all have some type of anxiety about the possibility of breaking down on our steeds. Considering that these bikes are hard reving performance bikes.

I know i'm constantly listening for noises etc.

Some examples that got my heart racing a little faster on a few occassions are....running out of gas while in the on position, or having my tank vent kinked :devil:

You think.....i've finally done it :D....only to realize that your problem is very simple. :lol: A quick fix & the rev limiter is pushed to the limits for the remainder of the ride as usual.

I ride my 04 without any trace of mercy & it never ceases to amaze me. It is the toughest bike i've ever had & demands to be tortured !!!

Why do i even question it :thumbsup:

If it blew up tomorrow it would be of no shame.

This machine is awesome :awww:

I have 1700 miles on it....& 1200 of those were at the rev limiter. :lol: Three back tires, one front, 4 oil changes & two valve checks [in spec both times}.

Anyone else here have this feeling of questioning there steed & its reliability ???

I'll tell you why I do, because I just got a bill that would choke a horse. The payments are enough for me. If I do spend money it is more fun to buy good bars and chains and even nice FMF Q pipe.

The only sponsor we have is ourselves and we pay premium prices for parts and labour for anything extensive.

That's the problem with sports, the elite few take all the cash (but that is another story).

If you added up the per kilometer cost of having a bike like this, it makes no sense. But then you hit a 3rd gear wheelie on a corner exit that won't come down until the next turn and it makes total sense, yehah.

Those bad sounds can equal money, big money. A two stroke gernades and I don't know if it would even cost more than 1000 to fix. If our bikes gernade, don't think about the cost...

I have a theory. The bikes are too quiet. I love a quiet bike but I used to listen to all the noises coming out of my DRZ until I put a White Brothers racing pipe on it (should have put an E series on it). No more engine noises, but talk about obnoxious. I'd like to get a pipe that was a couple of decimals louder. That way it wouldn't offend anyone and I couldn't hear the ticking orchestra going on.

I don't question it... It's easier to enjoy myself that way :devil: Plus my bike has given me no reason to question it, as you indicate

I just do my regular maintenance and try to avoid the stuff I can control, like smashing a rad off :thumbsup:

1700 miles/ 1200miles @ rev limit, and only four oil changes?

Your premonition may soon come true. :thumbsup:

1700 miles/ 1200miles @ rev limit, and only four oil changes?

Your premonition may soon come true. :devil:

Oil is cheap!! Change it more often or your question will be............&%$#@!??? :thumbsup: I change mine every 10hrs. Just out of curiousity have you looked at your air filter?

I have had nearly 80 oil changes in the last 20 months! At the end of every weekend of riding! These bikes need oil changing a lot. They hold so little oil and dirt does get into the oil so you want to minmize wear on your engine not due to oil fatigue but due to crap in suspension in your oil! That is why I use the cheapest automotive oil and change it often. I put a new paper filter in every third oil change. :thumbsup:

On my 03 I would hold the throttle wide open for minutes at a time, nothing but smooth clean power without a hiccup. Great quality throughout the bike.

The amazing thing with the WR450 is the engine performance. I have just hit over 9,000. miles this weekend and the engine pulls like crazy! I was thinking of doing a top end overhaul this winter. Maybe I can get another year out of the beast! :thumbsup:

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