2 Hour Race without refill Gas????


will compete in a 2 hour non Stop race in 2 weeks on my 2004 YZ450F.

Do you guys think i can make that 2 hours without refill my Gas??

I`m a middle off the Pack Rider and do not have full trottle all the time :thumbsup:

But I`m not sure that 7 lieter will last for full racetime.

So what da ya think??

No :thumbsup:

Bay, bring a tow strap. :devil:

You won't make it..

Let's say you're riding an average of 30-40 miles per hour, after two hours you'll have gone 60 to 80 miles. On a trail ride you would get better mileage but racing mileage is different and I think it's safe to say that you can't go 60 to 80 miles when racing with the stock YZ tank. You might want to find a used WR tank for that race, maybe you could borrow one.. :thumbsup:

Only my opinion...


I pushed mine for three miles during my first GNCC after running out of fuel.....

No fun at all!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Set up a place for a pit stop, a drink of water, gas, fresh gloves and fresh goggles are worth the 60 second stop.

ever wonder why those cross country guys have over sized tanks? it aint cuz they look cool!

im doing the same thing next month, but i have acerbis 3.4 gallon duel petcock exxon valdez tank im putting on for that one. today i ran as hard as i have ever on single track thats maybe just wide enough for a quad to barley squeez down we did around 35 to 40 miles i made that with gas to spare back at the parking lot. i realy have no idea weather im fast or slow im guessing im middle of the pack to i plan on a 2 hour hairscanbles comming up in sept, but i have got to heat sheild the right hand has line from the second petcock, im told it my dry out crack and burn my baby to the ground if i dont. normally on the stock tank i have made 50 miles at a brisk pace, so i am hoping to get through most of the race before i need to pit. ill swap idea's back anforth with ya if you want on set up im still kinda just getting back into dirt bikes again ive been back on them for about 7 to 8 months now and loving every minute of it.

Well, so i better be ready for a Pit Stop halfway in the race. Thanks for all opinions in this case :thumbsup:


you can make it a little over half way unless you are on the gas hard. i use a stop watch wrapped around my cross bar pad so i dont loose track of time and run out!!

If you run er hard en fast, you will be pushing to get 45 minutes out of a tank. If you go somewhat slower, you can go about an hour and ten minutes.

Trying to go 2 hours isn't gonna happen. :thumbsup:

Riding my 426 hard it will go a little over an hour on full tank, Pro Circuit exhaust, richer jets, 50 tooth. Mike

ever wonder why those cross country guys have over sized tanks? it aint cuz they look cool!

I thought it was cause they liked to bang their nads on them. :thumbsup:

I cant get 2 hours out of our 250's with the 1,8 tank. I couldnt even imagine the 450 going an hour.

Hey on a side note, does the 250, and the 450 use the same tanks? I have 2, 3.2 gallon tanks for the 250's that would save me a nickel if it was interchangable.

I have run a few hare scrambles with my 03 and two hours is no problem with a clarke 2.8 and that was fairly fast and open.

On my 426 I cannot make a 2 hour hairscramble with the stock tank. I stop about an hour into it to refuel.

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