Lost a few Pounds this Weekend!!

Relaced the rear fender / number pate bracket/strengthening bars on the WR with a UFO YZ rear fender and light bracket! The difference in weight when both parts were off the bike was amazing! I did not actually weigh them (no scales handy)but it was a good few pounds, and the whole thing looks neater too. only £30 as well.

I also removed the indicators (turn signals) and relaced some of the mounting bolts with ally ones.

While I was checking the heavy junk on the bike, I noticed the steering lock assembly. It has never worked on this bike anyway, (not sure why), so I removed the headlight to take it all off. ....hang one, how do you undo those (security) bolts with no head on them?? Anyone any idea, or is it just hack em out with a chisel!

What model bike? I would love to see photos.... :thumbsup:

Sounds like the dual purpose Australian version of the WR450! Simch? :thumbsup:

Yeah, its the UK version that is available with full Govt approved road kit.

It now runs an illegal pipe, number plate, no indicators and an illegal rear light!! I will get a photo and post it.

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