Mosier Valley 8-22-04 PICS

I decided to post this here since I pretty much just hang out in this forum when I am on TT.

TexasDirtNap, TexasDirtNapJR, Satch, SkinnyJM, DPW and his girlfriend....(we will call her DPWgf) all met up at Mosier today. We had a blast and the track was in MUCH better shape than last weekend. Everyone had a good ride and no "incidents". As always , my brother John (SkinnyJM) was there to get the evidence that the BSBJHP was out in force......let's see....I think that is 9 or 10 weekends in a row....heck I have lost count!

Anyway enjoy the pics and thanks to SkinnyJM.

Pics from Mosier Valley 8-22-04

Nice pictures, I need to work my schedule so I can hook up with ya'll some day. Me and my son was going to Mosier Sunday until his mother decided to pick him up, which is a good thing for him.

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