weight of desert tank??

I put my IMS tank back on today and went for a ride. Damn, the fron felt very heavy and I had problems turning. Anybody else notice this? And how to fix it? Seems like it needs to a little higher in the stroke?



Heavier springs maybe?


Did you fill it all the way up? Gas is 8lbs a gallon so full you have around 15lbs or more weight on your bike. your front end will be plusher and bottom a little easier as well as the rear but not as much as the front. Stiffer springs is the only real solution. With stiffer springs you may run out of adjustment with damping so you might need to change that as well. With more weight it will never handle quite as well as with the stock tank.

Also, yes your front end will be slightly lower because of the extra weight. Two things will result. 1- more weight on the front end means harder steering because more pressure is on the front tire. 2- a lower front fork will steepen the head tube angle which will make it steer quicker , or make it twitchier and less stable at speed. The tank is closer to the front of the bike than the rear so more of the weight will effect the front but the rear will also drop

somewhat as well. So the head tude angle thing mught not be much of an issue.

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