edelbrock for 650l

i saw on ebay awhile back that they had some edelbrock carbs for the xrs. the one for the r was about 400 bucks and the one for the L was about 300 bucks why was there such a diffrence in price. and do they work on the l as well as ive heard they do on the r.

The one on eBay for the 'L' does not have an accelerator pump, which is why it's cheaper (The 'R' model has the pump). It can be modified to have a pump for an additional $150 if memory serves me correct, but only a few places will do the mod. I believe Barnums sells a special version of the 'L' with the pump already installed, but it's something special he does since he worked at Edelbrock doing R&D on these and other products. Right now they're selling the XR650R Edelbrock carb kit for $350 during their summer special, but I don't know what the special 'L' version goes for. You'd have to contact Rob for pricing if you want the 'L' version with an accelerator pump since he has to put it together www.barnumspro.com

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