Sagging Suspension

On my 2002 WR426, I usually keep it on a jackstand when not in use. I noticed that when I take it off the jack and lower it down, the front shocks will sag ~1 to 1.5 inches under the weight of the bike itself. For some reason today was the only day I really looked for something of that nature and this concerned me. I was just wondering if this was normal, and what to watch out for as signs of suspension wear.


That seems like normal sag to me. But it may be time for new front fork springs! All springs eventually fatigue and weaken.

yam makes adjustment washers that prelaod the spring p# 4SS-23364-LO i had the same prob put two of these in(two is the most)and problem solved quite cheaply. sounds like you need two also. :thumbsup: btw that p# is for the 04 with 46mm forks ,i don't know about the 426.

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