Bogging 2000wr400f

Big gun exhaust race version all runs excellent. but when i installed the silencer i got bogging when i cracked the throttle i'm hoping it's the pilot am i on the right track. the bike runs excellent without the silencer. Just not in the right decibal range for hare scrambles.

If it runs right without the silencer and bogs with the silencer, you're too rich on the idle circuit most likely.

Try turning the fuel screw in a little to lean it out some.

I'd turn it in all the way to seat it (counting the turns in) then back it out 1-1.5 turns (or less than whatever it is now anyhow...) or so. If that doesn't help your problem try the next step down in pilot jet size.

Let us know how many turns out your fuel screw was ok?

Thanks i'll try that

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