front fork (both) wich oil, oil level

I'm preparing to perform my first front fork mainteinance, I read all the articles concerning that, but what worries me is a free back/forth play of the inner tube

wich part of the fork is to be replaced, Im thinking of the piston metal , wich is said to be be replaced at every fork mainteinance

I checked thorougly, and it is not a steering head free play

Replace your bushings, fork seals, dust covers. Clean all internal parts in kerosene. Forks should be like new again. Here is a great article on how to do youre front forks link:


written for the dummies, I like it

I've had both my forks apart several times to replace the fork seal and dust sseal and got it down pretty well. Technically, the piston metal should be replaced, but if you didnt, its not the end of the world. I've never repalced it and had no trouble getting it all back togehter and everything sealed up perfectly. Probably the most critical last thing you need to do is before tightening down the axle nut pinch bolts it to compress the frotn fork a half dozen times (pull the front brake and push down on it as far as you can) if you fail to do this, the forks can be misaligned and tear out a new seal or end up with a weeper. I got al my info right out of the factory repair manual and it went seamless. Make sure you get the correct oil too and fill it up just like the manual, run the piston up and down to push out any air bubbles etc.

The free play your talking about is it with tire off/on? I was told If it's with the tire off that little amount of free play is normal. I noticed free play in mine a couple days ago and asked friends of mine that have had thier forks apart already about how many bushings there is and what supports the inner tube, was told and from looking at the breakdown of the parts there is only one bushing centering the tube along with the dampening rod assy attached to the cap.

I noticed free play with the tire off, probably I should than check some other guys bike for the amount of movemet, but the forks will still have to be dismantled (to stiff, probably not serviced for 5 years, or at least 3)

all the needed links providing home made tools and service book are prepared


I pulled the forks apart with no effort, soon to clean them dry

to get to the question:

I'm 155 pounds (lbs?) and use the bike mostly in the woods, so I need quite soft suspension that eats rocks, tree roots and other non even surfaces at medium speeds, and still not bottoming at 1,5 ft jumps

what level (80-150) and wich wt. oil do you suggest?

springs don't need to be changed, since Im quite light and they are stil as long as new

measured qty of oil in each fork was 4,5 dclitres (0,4 quarts)

the bike was very stiff, and only fully applied rebuond made it only a bit possible to ride in woods

dont know wich wt oil was used, but probably 5wt would improve rebound (slowing the forks) over 2,5

about the forks free play, it was a standard play, nothing serious

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