Safety wire drain bolt

Changed my oil yesterday and noticed the crankcase bolt had a bit of oil on it. No drip just damp. Put the wrench on it and very little umph required to break it loose. I always use a torque wrench to tighten it up. So...I drilled a 3/32 inch hole through the bolt head and wired it up. I've got a zipty magnetic drain plug, appears to be aluminum, maybe the threads are wearing :thumbsup: Anyway better safe than sorry :devil:


Good thinking Mike. I did that with my Zip-ty bolt when I bought it. Easy and peace of mind. :thumbsup:

Hey Mike, the threads may be going in the bottom of your pan so that even with the right torque oil is getting past the threads. Make sure the washer & bolt & drain hole edge is clean next time you install. Most likely tightened with dirt trapped between the bolt and the pan surface.

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