Took the BRP out to the dunes for the first time...

This was my first dunes trip ever (Moses Lake, Washington), once I figured out how to ride in the sand with the knobbies (I didn't have the time or money for sand tires) it turned into a fun trip. The bike did ok, it didn't like doing the stop and go stuff but when it was moving it seemed to cool ok. I think its running a bit lean though. As soon as I get the cash I am just going to get the Edlebrock carb for it.

I use the 560 10 paddle; It bearly fits :thumbsup: I use a 13 tooth counter shaft sprocket and a 45 tooth rear. I use a shock sock, It's called shock wears by outerwears. That way I don't have to have the mud guard on or the paddle will rip it off.



Yeah the Moses Lake dunes or ok, I live in Quincy so I can ride there whenever I feel like it but the Juniper dunes just outside of Pasco are even better.

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