Int. Bike Show Seattle

Went to the bike show in seattle, saw some super nice bikes, the 250f was there, looks nice although would like to know if it can haul my 200lbs around. Ktm had some good footage on the video of guys ripping it up. I was disapointed to see nothing new from Honda. and kawasaki's just look a little dated. Too much stuff to mention, over all it was a blast.

For those in the know, I ran into Helge Peterson the man who travelled around the world on a bike for 10 years. He was just spectating this year, he just completed a trip of several months, sounded like asia. If any one is interested in reading s cool book about cycle travel, check out Ten Years on Two Wheels, should be available thru Barnes & Noble, he has lived your dream and then some. I also saw him speak and do a slide show presentation that blew me away. You can see some pics of him riding a BMW 650 in high altitude switchbacks in washington on the website, click on the bottom right hand corner for the Horsethief link. This book/guy has done some amazing stuff on a bike, the book makes a damn good xmas present to your self.

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