To buy '03 crf450 or '03 yzf 450

I have a freind just getting into riding. The problem is he can get an 03 crf 450 0r 03 yzf 450. He asked me my opinion and of course I want to see him get the yz but I'm not sure he can handle it. I have told him about the crf valve problems and the bike he is looking at has the kibble white valve and spring kit in it. So, what should he buy, he is a new rider about 6 foot tall and 235 lbs. I love my yz and prefer it over the crf 8 days a week, but with the "smoother power delivery" of the crf and how "easy it is to ride" should I recommend the crf or yzf? Please help.

YZ!!!! Smoother power, easier delievery, 46 or 47 tooth sprocket will accomplish that. GO BLUE or GO TO THE PARTS BIN!!!!!! :thumbsup:

I've had an 02 and have an 03 CRF450. I also just bought an 04 YZ450. I have never had any valve probs with my Hondas(yet). There is something I really like about the yami that I can't quite put my finger on yet. The motor just seems tougher. It idles a lot smoother and makes much less "idle noise" than my Hondas. I feel like I don't have to be nice to it, like I can abuse it and it will take it. Hard to explain :thumbsup: I just like the motor better.

I just got off a CRF450'03 onto a YZ450F'04.

The CRF gave me lots of value problems. I hated it.

The YZF delivered the power in a more manageable way.

The sliced 3 minutes off the enduro loop I ride every

week over 60km with the stock suspension on the YZ.

I can't explain why I'm faster, but I wish I made the

transition sooner.

Thanks for the replys. That was all the proof I needed to give my buddy. He is going to pick up his 03 yz450 this week.

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