just bought a 76 Honda 550 and need some information

as i said i just bought a 76 honda 550 and i have 2 question. First when i leave the gas on it leaks. is this because the floats are stuck in the carb. of which i have 4, i sure yall knew that, and also if the battery is low will i have problems starting it. Ihave a kick start. Please help.


Toni Poole

you can contact me on yahoo IM as itzmefantazia@yahoo.com

I'd say yes to both questions......

Dude,like your at the wrong booth with that bike :thumbsup::devil:


It sounds like the carbs need a good cleaning. You can buy carb rebuild kits here. http://www.oldbikebarn.com/motorcycle_parts.php? There is a great forum for older honda four cylinder bikes on this website. bike=&subcategory=Ignition+Coil&DisplayPerPage=20&Start=0http://www.sohc4.net/

Good luck, they are great bikes and as smooth as anything you can buy now.

Sounds like one or more of the float needle valves are not seating properly, or, one or more of the floats in those carbs are not floating. All of the carbs should be removed, taken apart, cleaned thoroughly, and replace worn parts and gaskets.

I have a friend who bought an old '77? model Kawasaki KZ1000 and it had the same problem, which was easily fixed. And it DID NOT have a battery, but it was very easy to kick start, I found that amazing, but true. As far as power goes, that old KZ1000 is pretty fast, but not overly impressive I didn't think, compared to the amazing acceleration of my KX500 and XR650R. It's all in the power to weight ratio ya know.

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