2000 clutch question

My friend has a 2000 426, the ones with the problems. It makes a grinding noise when in nuetral and in the gears. But when you pull in the clutch, the griding stops. Is it a plate that is broken? Thanks for your help.

Sounds like it, but I would check to be sure. It only takes about 20 minutes to loosen the brake pedal (it gets in the way) and take the clutch cover off to inspect the clutch. If you're careful and the gasket doesn't tear, you can even re-use it. Just be sure to keep all the bolts in their respective holes or keep track of what bolt goes where, because the lengths vary.

Dont forget you dont have to drain the oil, just lean it way over (handlebar on the bike stand) and take the cover off. Quick and easy. Turn the gas off! :thumbsup:

These had clutch basket issues. I know of several that blew apart...I replaced with a hinson and was happy. You may need to replace (due to wear) basket, hub, pressure plate & disk - expensive but will make your bike feel new again. :thumbsup:

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